Everybody dies, but not everybody lives

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His bracelet was custom
Originally purchased to fit his wrist perfectly
Now its loose enough he could wrap it around twice

I found that I stared at him
Noticing every detail of this man
Every detail that made him him

His chuck taylors
Always high tops
Always the classics
And always clean

His Levis with his button down
Tucked in

His hair
Combed to the side
Always combed to the side

His style was classic
From the day i met him his style stated so much about who he was

What he had been through I wish I knew him better I wish i heard all his grandpa stories I found it crazy that I was emotional about a man I barely knew I realized that these details made me sad These details, this style made him him And even though the cancer was making his bracelet loose enough to wrap around his wrist twice And his fitted shirt too big You could see the man he once was And the man he still is till the day he leaves us He will leave us with style

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She’s perfect

Reblogging again because reasons..

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"All the hardest, coldest people you meet,
were once as soft as water.
And that’s the tragedy of living."

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I wish I had a reset button

I know you might not understand this when I say it but
I use to live in the past
I spent all day wishing I could go back
But ever since I met you
Im excited for the future
I dont wanna live in the past anymore

Im your right now. I wish I was your tomorrow.